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Besides our wines, we also distribute the Vintage Ports of Quinta Do Castelinho. Two or three times in ten years there is an extraordinary wine year. That's the time to make a Porto ' Vintage '. In an exquisite wine-year, when a hot summer without rain follows a cold, wet winter and an ideal spring, the grapes can be picked perfectly ripe and the vinification can take place under ideal conditions of warm days and fresh nights. The best part of the harvest is then kept separate and is treated with care for two years. If then it turns out that the necessary quality is there, it is decided to make the Vintage and bring it directly and without filtering the ' Cuve ' on the bottle. A Vintage needs a maturation of 10 to 15 years and and is only good to drink from then. Of course you can keep it for another year or ten in the basement, but then you should be able to stay away from it and that will not be easy... In A Vintage Port there is always quite a lot of sediment (Dépot) which is certainly not a bad sign, on the contrary, but so careful donating or decanting is a must. A beauty of a port wine to collect from your cellar on a beautiful day, delicious!